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PIC Microcontroller Bit Math Method

CRC 16/32 Bit

By Dr. Imre Bartfai

SX version also available

; What you need is to define the polynomial. E. g. for the CCITT one:

poly0   equ     0x21
poly1   equ     0x10

; Do not forget to initialize <crcval> = <crch:crcl> before the 1st call
; e. g. with 0xFF or with zeroes, as the particular CRC algorithm
; requires.

;This subroutine calculates a 16-bit CRC
; CrcUpd: update <crcval> using <W>
        CBLOCK     crcblk
CrcUpd  movwf   saved           ; j = W
        movlw   d'8'            ; W = 8
        movwf   i               ; i = W
_loop   movfw   crch
        movwf   oldcch          ; temporary save
        clrc                    ; clear carry for rlf
        rlf     crcl            ; crc << 1
        rlf     crch
        movfw   saved           ; the char read
        xorwf   oldcch,F        ; test with old high
        btfss   oldcch,7        ; if bit set, apply mask
        b       _notset         ; otherwise skip
        movlw   poly0
        xorwf   crcl,F
        movlw   poly1
        xorwf   crch,F
_notset clrc                    ; for rlf
        rlf     saved,F         ; next bit of saved
        decfsz  i,F
        b       _loop
; End CrcUpd

John Payson replies: Here's a version which should be faster: 38 instructions with no loops. When invoked, it will update crcH and crcL based upon the new input value. Note that crcL is entirely a function of crcH, while crcH is a function of crcH, xor'ed with the 'old' value of crcL. Basically, each bit in crcH will affect certain other bits in the output; each bit in crcL will affect only the corresponding bit in crcH [which, on the next iteration, will affect bits in both crcL and crcH].
; Simple CRC routine
; from John Payson 1998-10-23
   xorwf  crcH
; Compute the LSB first [based upon MSB]
   movlw  0
   btfsc  crcH,0
    xorlw 33
   btfsc  crcH,1
    xorlw 66
   btfsc  crcH,2
    xorlw 132
   btfsc  crcH,3
    xorlw 8
   btfsc  crcH,4
    xorlw 49
   btfsc  crcH,5
    xorlw 98
   btfsc  crcH,6
    xorlw 196
   btfsc  crcH,7
    xorlw 136
; Swap crcL with W
   xorwf  crcL,f
   xorwf  crcL,w
   xorwf  crcL,f
; Next compute the MSB [note W holds old LSB]
   btfsc  crcH,0
    xorlw 16
   btfsc  crcH,1
    xorlw 32
   btfsc  crcH,2
    xorlw 64
   btfsc  crcH,3
    xorlw 129
   btfsc  crcH,4
    xorlw 18
   btfsc  crcH,5
    xorlw 36
   btfsc  crcH,6
    xorlw 72
   btfsc  crcH,7
    xorlw 145
   movwf  crcH


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