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Ubicom IP 2000 Embedded Controllers

Memory Program 64K-byte flash memory
16K-byte instruction SRAM
Data 4K-byte SRAM
Interrupts Internal Clock or Counter 2
Response time 3 cycles
External Port Pins 8 port B
Response time ?
IO Pins 52
Analog-to-Digital converters 10-bit, 8-channel, 48 kHz
Analog Comparators 1 Differential comparator with hysteresis
Serial to Parallel conversion Two pairs of serializer/deserializers
for 10BaseT (MAC/PHY), USB, etc...
Counters 1 (8 bit RTC)
2 (16 bit PWM/Capture/Compare and prescalars)
Operating Voltage 2.5-5.5V (at 50Mhz)
Brown out detect 2.2/2.6/4.2V
Speed 100MIPS (from a 4Mhz clock via PLL)
Speed instruction for on-the-fly execution speed changes.
Sleep with independant RTC wakeup
Package 80-pin 14mm x 20mm x 2.8mm, 0.8 pitch, JDEC MO-112, CB-2

Instruction Set

Single-cycle instruction execution on most instructions. 8x8 signed/unsigned single-cycle Multiply. 3-cycle internal interrupt response, including context save

Virtual Peripherals

Among the software modules that will be available for programming the IP2000 Internet Processors are 10base-T Ethernet, USB, UART, I2C, SPI, and Parallel Slave physical interfaces, and a complete TCP/IP stack.

Packaging, Price and Availability

Sample quantities of the IP2022 Internet Processor will be available in the first quarter of 2001. Offered in an 80-pin plastic quad flatpack (PQFP) package, pricing in quantities of 10,000 will be $13.30. The IP2022 will be the most cost-effective complete Internet connectivity solution available.

Development Support

On-chip in-system debug (ISD) support. High-quality development tool chain support from multiple 3rd party vendors: Cygnus/Red Hat tool chain and Nohau's high-end debugger. Tools for developing with and using the IP2022 Internet Processor are available from leading suppliers. For example, the complete GNU tool suite, including C compiler, assembler, linker, utilities and GNU debugger, now supports the Ubicom IP2022. Announcements by other major tool vendors will follow shortly.

An IP2022 development board is available from Ubicom

IP2022 User's Manual Rev.1.2

Data Sheets:



See also:


Our E80-0055 matches your application very well. This E80-0055 is (P)QFP-80 to PGA-80 Programming and Testing IC Adapter. On the top, it is a QFP IC Socket which fits your IP2022 exactly. The bottom is PGA-80 pin (0.1" pin-pitch) so you can directly plug into PGA Socket (ex. Mill-max P/N# 510-93-084-10-031). The unit cost is $99.50. We currently have 2 units in stock. There is 6-week lead time for this item. If you like to order, you can simply click the following link from our web site:


If you need any additional questions, please feel free to let us know.


Adapter Team
ePBoard Design
4065 E. La Palma Ave., #C
Anaheim, CA 92807
Tel: (714) 630-6839

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