© 2000 Scenix Semiconductor, Inc. All rights reserved. 107 SX User’s Manual Rev. 3.1 www.scenix.com Chapter 3 Instruction Set 3.6.37    OR fr,W OR of fr and W into fr Operation: fr = fr | W Bits affected: Z Opcode: 0001 001f ffff Description: This instruction performs a bitwise logical OR of the contents of the specified file
register and W, and writes the 8-bit result into the same file register. W is left un-
changed. If the result is 00h, the Z bit is set.
Cycles: 1 Example: or $10,W ;perform logical OR and overwrite fr This example performs a bitwise logical OR of the working register W with a value
stored in file register 10h. The result is written back to the file register 10h.
For example, suppose that the file register 10h is loaded with the value 0Fh and W
contains the value 13h. The instruction takes the logical OR of 0Fh and 13h and
writes the result, 1Fh, into the same file register. The result is nonzero, so the Z bit
is cleared.