© 2000 Scenix Semiconductor, Inc. All rights reserved. 89 SX User’s Manual Rev. 3.1 www.scenix.com Chapter 3 Instruction Set 3.6.20    MOV M,W Move W to MODE Register Operation: MODE = W Bits affected: none Opcode: 0000 0100 0011 Description: This instruction moves the lower four bits of W register into the lower four bits of
the MODE register on the SX18/20/28AC and SX18/20/28AC75 devices. The in-
struction moves the lower five bits of W into the lower five bits of the MODE reg-
ister on the SX48/52BD devices. W is left unchanged. The MODE register operates
as a pointer to the port control registers for subsequent accesses to those registers
using the “MOV !rx,W” instruction.
Cycles: 1 Example: mov W,$0B ;move value from file reg 0Bh to W mov M,W ;move W into MODE register This example moves a value from file register 0Bh to W, and then from W into the
MODE register.