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  1. Find the current in each resister in the circuit shown below.  V,  V, and . Hint: writing down the loop-current equations in terms of the symbols will give you most of the marks.

  2. Determine the Thevenin equivalent circuit of the circuit shown below. Hint: determine and .

  3. Consider the following circuit:

    1. What is the Thevenin equivalent voltage?
    2. What is the Thevenin equivalent resistance?
    3. For a variable load resistance placed externally between the terminals A and B, plot the current through the load as a function of . Label the intercepts on both axes.
  4. Sketch the current through a load resistance as a function of for the circuit shown below. Label both intercepts and the slope.

  5. Find the voltage, , across the 3  load resistor for the circuit below by replacing the remaining circuit by its Thevenin equivalent. Hint: You can check your answer by direct analysis of the entire circuit.

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