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Cybiko Emulator for PC: C4PC

The Cybiko emulator for the PC! Step, Run, Pause, Reset, set breakpoints, watch and modify all CPU registers, memory, etc... See the LCD screen (just unzip and run the .exe)

Screen Shot


1. Introduction

This software is not intended to be used to PLAY / RUN / USE, but to TEST Cybiko software with.

Only experienced Cybiko software developers should use this software.

This emulator is unoffical, which means Cybiko Inc. has nothing to do with it, don't ask them questions about it, they don't even know it exists :)

Also don't judge the Cybiko software from using this emulator.

The emulation is very unstable and does NOT represent the Cybiko device/games/apps in any way. Hence, many games/apps don't work, which isn't the case on a REAL Cybiko.

Visit their websites for more information about the Cybiko device/games/apps :

2. Required files

The emulator will need the following files to function properly :

emu_rom.bin --> Cybiko ROM

emu_cyos.bin --> CyOS

emu_flash.bin --> EEPROM image (contains files that are on a Cybiko)

You can download these files from my homepage, or you can make them yourself

by using your own Cybiko device.

You have to use the "Cybiko Hardware Ripper" boot file (hwrip.boot) to rip

these 3 files from a REAL Cybiko.

Step 1 : Start the console.exe application (part of Cybiko SDK)

Step 2 : Select [boot], select "hwrip.boot"

Step 3 : Select [receive file], enter "rom" as filename ( -> emu_rom.bin)

Step 4 : Select [receive file], enter "cyos" as filename ( -> emu_cyos.bin)

Step 5 : Select [receive file], enter "flash" as filename ( -> emu_flash.bin)

After that's done, you can start the emulator.

Step 1 : Start the emulator (c4pc.exe)

Step 2 : Select [View -> LCD Screen]

Step 3 : Select [View -> Console]

Step 4 : Select [View -> Disassembler]

Step 5 : Click on the [START] button to start the emulation

Step 6 : Click on the [STOP] button to stop the emulation

3. Use software (games/apps)

It's nice to be able to run the games that are on the emulated Cybiko, but very soon they will start to get boring and you want to try the other 350 games & apps. Don't worry, I've thought about that. Normally you upload new program to your Cybiko by using a console application to transfer them.

The emulator has a console window that can be used to transfer these files to the emulated Cybiko, at the moment you can't transfer them off.

Step 1 : Wait until you see the CyOS desktop.

Step 2 : Click on the [SEND] button in the console window and select the file you wish to upload.

Step 4 : Wait until the upload is finished, if you don't get an "ack" something went wrong.

Step 5 : Type in the name of the .app file you've just uploaded without the .app extension. Be carefull, the name is case sensitive.

Step 6 : Press [ENTER].

Beware that the emulator doesn't automatically save the emu_flash.bin file, once you restart the emulator, all you changes will be lost.

You can however overcome this unpleasant (but very safe) feature by doing the following :

Step 1 : Select [View -> Other].

Step 2 : Click on the [FLASH] button and save the file.

Step 3 : Restart the emulator.

4. Key support

Press a key when the LCD window has keyboard focus and hope it works :)

Keyboard Cybiko

Left, right, up & down Left, right, up & down

Enter Enter

Delete Delete

Insert Insert

Shift Shift

Home Tab

End Select

PageUp Help

Backspace Backspace

Control Function

Space Space

Escape Escape

F1 .. F7 F1 .. F7

A .. Z A .. Z

Numpad 0 .. 9 0 .. 9

Numpad * *

Numpad + +

Numpad - -

Numpad / /

Numpad . .

5. Emulator wish-list

Add sound support.

Add charger support (battery level).

Improve compatibility, improve speed, remove bugs, etc. (you get the point).

Add more debugging features.

Add a [RESET] button so you don't have to restart the application.

Add a save/load state feature.

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