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SELECT+Selecting Keyboard and Date Format When Installing DOS

Installs DOS on a new disk with the keyboard layout, date,

and time format of your choice.


PC-DOS 3.0+

MS-DOS equivalent: SELECT (3.0+)




[d:][path] SELECT [sd:] [td:][tpath] xxx yy


[d:][path] Specifies the drive letter and

path that contain the SELECT

command file.

sd: Designates the source drive

(only A: or B: are valid drive

letters). If this parameter is

omitted, A: is used. If you

specify a source drive, you

must specify a target drive

(see below).

[td:][tpath] Specifies the target drive

letter and the path where the

DOS commands are to be copied

to. If the drive parameter is

omitted, B: is used. If the

path parameter is omitted, the

files are copied to the root

directory on the target.

xxx Specifies the country code

that instructs DOS to use the

date, time, collating

sequence, capitalization, and

folding format for that


yy Specifies the abbreviation for

the keyboard code for the

country. When specifying the

country and keyboard codes,

you can select from the


Country Country Code Keyboard Code

United States 001 US

France 033 FR

Spain 034 SP

Italy 039 IT

United Kingdom 044 UK

Germany 049 GR



copies DOS from a disk in drive A to a disk in drive B and

configures the keyboard with the French layout. Dates, times,

capitalization, and collating sequence will be formatted

according to the custom of that country.


Failure to access COUNTRY.SYS

Make sure that the source disk contains the COUNTRY.SYS file;

then repeat the SELECT command.

Failure to access KEYBOARD.SYS

Make sure that the source disk contains the KEYBOARD.SYS file;

then repeat the SELECT command.

Invalid keyboard code

Check the two-digit keyboard code and try again.

Invalid signature in COUNTRY.SYS file

The header for the COUNTRY.SYS file has been altered. Use the

original DOS start-up disk with the master COUNTRY.SYS file on it

and repeat the command.

Invalid signature in KEYBOARD.SYS file

The header for the KEYBOARD.SYS file has been altered. Use the

original DOS start-up disk with the master COUNTRY.SYS file on it

and repeat the command.

Read error, COUNTRY.SYS

An I/O error has occurred. You may be using a damaged disk.

Insert the master DOS start-up disk and try again.

Read error, KEYBOARD.SYS

An I/O error has occurred. You may be using a damaged disk.

Insert the master DOS start-up disk and try again.

SELECT is used to install DOS the first

time. SELECT erases everything on the

specified target and then installs DOS.

Do you want to continue (Y/N)?

Type Y to have DOS execute the SELECT command that you have

entered. Type N to abort the SELECT command.


Because SELECT uses the FORMAT command, all data on the

target disk will be destroyed. When using this command, the

target drive must be different from the source drive.

The default values are for the United States: they are mm-

dd-yy and hh:mm:ss:dd for the date and time. The decimal

indicator is the period (.), and the currency symbol is the

dollar sign ($).


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