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10. The FORTH Garland and WORD

10.1. FORTH
curtains Texts and numbers that are scanned or scribed form the character logs in the memory. (The string of characters in English is string, say: string.) We can work with such a string if we know its starting address and its length. Frequent storage in FORTH is the so-called " start with the length of the string containing the length of the string and then the character codes. The so-called FORTH is called a FORTH garland. Let's learn about the COUNT basic word that produces the first character's address and the length of the string (that is, the parameters needed to call the TYPE test word) from the FORTH garland title.
Bytees of the FORTH rope of the word "LOVE":

The COUNT word source:

: COUNT (ff address --- title length)
   DUP 1+ (first character address)
   SWAP C @ (the length byte content)

The word FORTH is in the shape of a FORTH interpreter, the word WORD.

10.2. A WORD

WORD (c ---)

(pronounced: vord, meaning: word) breaks my influence based on the delimiter character specified on the worm. That is, WORD reads the characters of my influence all the way to the delimiter, changes the appropriate system variables (that the closest WORD begins reading where it is finished), and the scanned text is put into the HERE address as FORTH. WORD feels the end of the line boundaries. Caution: in the viewers (see section 2.5 ), the end of the line is quite different; we say (say) 64 lines of lines, but the end of them is not indicated in the memory by a special character than the lines in the terminal!
An example of using WORD is LEVEL, which can be used in this way:

Let's see the realization:

   BL (constant code for the space)
   WORD (reads the name given after LEVEL)
         (in the form of the first space and in the form of a FORTH)
         (put it in the HERE address)
   . "    Dear "
   3 - TYPE
. ", Halalomig imadlak!"
   . "Pityu" CR
(start new line)

(name, length)
("no", "no")

I can see, with my spiritual eyes, the reckless look of the Elders, the Sisters, the Elements, not to mention the Eve and Annas. Why should Pityuk's life be easy? WORD can be called twice in one word; you can also change the name of the sender:

: .NEV (read, write)
       (recipient and sender name)

   CR CE
   "Dear" .NEV
   . "Halalomig imadlak"

Using the word:


The Experiment Reader may try the following:


and waits for the ABRADADRA word to be answered in response to the WORD. Instead, you will get the TYPE word as the interpreter uses the WORD itself to parse the lines, so when TYPE is executed, the last executed WORD put it on the HERE address.

10.3. How do you know him? (
Basic Words ) In WORD, it is unusual not only to take data from the stack, but also from the background, from the input and from the input. We have already encountered this phenomenon in some of the FORTH core words; these words are called WORDs. The simplest such basic word is ( with which we also get acquainted with the source:

: (41 WORD;

(41 is the code of the closing parenthesis). The opening parenthesis reads what you find behind it, up to the closing brace (or the end of the line). WORD converts the appropriate system variables so that the interpreter reads the next closing parenthesis; so the part of my influence between the two brackets simply does not kick. A ( there will still be a note in Chapter 16. We 'll get to know
the full source of the other basic word later (also in Chapter 16 ), here we can only see a reduced version:


(34 is the code of the quotation mark). WORD reads my influence to the quotation mark and puts it in the form of FORTH garland at HERE; From here you can place a COUNT TYPE series.
How much more do you know the real " word" The difference is when the word is meant to be used inside the definition . specify the text specified in the definition, the version here reads the text to be written when the word is defined.

WORD reads the name of the word being forgotten with FORGET as well.
WORD works inside any word that can be used to define other words: VARIABLE, CONSTANT:
Specifically, the word CREATE creates the new dictionary element; CREATE and WORD read the name of the dictionary element to be created.

What was that about?
Summary of Chapter 10

The words learned:

WORD (c ---) Read the influence to the delimiter character c; the scanned text is put into the HERE address in the form of FORTH.
COUNT (ff title --- title length) Creates the title and length of the string in the starting address of the FORTH rope.


10.1. Write a PELDANY (n ---) word that reads the text you specified after the end of the line and writes the scanned line as many times as we have given it to the worm! For example:


If WORD has a delimiter character that can not occur in my influence, WORD will read the end of the line. For example, code 1 (not character code):

: PELDANY (n ---)
   1 WORD

10.2. Write an ORD (--- c) word that says the code you entered afterwards (and adds a space-filled letter to the stack, for example:


: ORD (--- c)
   BL WORD HERE 1+ (avoiding the counter)
   C @

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