Contributor: CHAMI

Windows, web pages, multimedia programs, etc. have backgrounds. How come your Delphi
form doesn't?
Of course you could place an Image component on your form and set it's Alignment
to Client to place a background on your form. But, here's another way to do it:

(1) Add following to your form's Public declarations section:

    bmpBackground : TBitmap;

(2) Double click on your form and add bitmap initialization code to the
FormCreate procedure:

    bmpBackground := TBitmap.Create;
    bmpBackground.LoadFromFile( 'c:\windows\setup.bmp' );

(3) Go to the form's events list and double click on OnPaint. Add following
line to the FormPaint procedure:

    Canvas.Draw( 0, 0, bmpBackground );

(4) Finally insert the following code to FormDestroy
procedure (OnDestroy event):