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> I was just wondering how to speed up some math-intensive
> routines I've got here. For example, I've got a Function
> that returns the distance between two Objects:

> Function Dist(X1,Y1,X2,Y2 : Integer) : Real;
> begin
>   Dist := Round(Sqrt(Sqr(X1-X2)+Sqr(Y1-Y2)));
> end;

> This is way to slow. I know assembly can speed it up, but
> I know nothing about as. so theres the problem. Please
> help me out, any and all source/suggestions welcome!

X1, Y1, X2, Y2 are all Integers.  Integer math is faster than Real (just
about anything is).  Sqr and Sqrt are not Integer Functions.  Try for

Function Dist( X1, Y1, X2, Y2 : Integer) : Real;
  YTemp : Integer;
{ the allocation of these takes time.  if you don't want that time taken,
  make them global With care}
  XTemp := X1 - X2;
  YTemp := Y1 - Y2;
  Dist  := Sqrt(XTemp * XTemp + YTemp * YTemp);

if you have a math coprocessor or a 486dx, try using DOUBLE instead of
Real, and make sure your compiler is set to compile For 287 (or 387).

  Writeln('Distance Between (3,9) and (-2,-3) is: ', Dist(3,9,-2,-3) : 6 : 2);