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Hello every one... Guys and gals is there any such a thing that you can
use turbp pascal 6 with Dbase IV.. what I heard is I can.
if yes tell me how you export or whatever to use two of thewm

Yes there is! I have been using it for some time now in dBase as I use
an XT and dBase's editor is too slow when the program has quite a few
lines (some are 5,000) and the system just kind of dies. When I use TP's
IDE the editor is FAST!!!! So after reading the books I designed a
program in order to use TP as using it in the TEDIT CONFIG.DB command
wouldn't work as it needed more memory (I only have 640k).

In dBase's setup program, under the FILES MENU enter in either
PRGAPPLIC (overrides Application Control in the ASSIST menu only!) or
 Exit   - empty
 Layout - empty
PRGCC (allows you to use OPEN CUSTOM UTILIY option under Catalog Menu).
 Entry  - empty
 Exit   - empty

I am currently using PRGAPPLIC as I do most of my work in the Control
Center anyhow and don't need the Application Generator. Note - PRGCC
will not pull in a PRG file unless you change the source code to ask for

Here is the dBase program that calls Turbo Pascal:

* Program ----> EDIT2.PRG
* Language ---> dBase IV 1.5

Author -----> P.A.T. Systemsų C.1993 * Creation date -> 07/22/1992 * Last update ---> 01/06/1993 * From-> Control Center * To---> None * Subs-> None * This program invokes an External Editor such as Turbo Pascal 6.0's * (TP) Desktop Editor by using the PRGAPPLIC setup in the Config.db * file. Even though it is only for Entry Programs, with some tricky * commands we can get it to invoke an External Editor such as TP. * Although I can't do any Compiling or Help Lookup (another use for the * Manuals), it still is a great and FAST!!!! Editor to work with. * This program will work with any editor that will accept a filename * as a parameter. * Example TURBO filename.prg (Turbo Pascal) OR * WP filename.prg (Word Perfect) * As I am used to TP's Editor, I wished I could use it when I wanted to * edit a program. Especially a long program that when loaded into * dBase's editor is extremely slow, but in TP, editing is FAST!!! And * with dBase IV 1.5's NEW Open Architecture, I now have a way to do it. * This program uses the RUN() function to swap out memory to disk so * that the editor can load in. With the TEDIT command in the Config.db * setup, there wasn't enough memory (on an XT) to load in the editor. * So I read the manuals (Yes, I do read them occasionally!) and figured * out a way to use an External Editor by utilizing the Control Center's * NEW Open Architecture. * First, copy this program into dBase's Startup Directory. * You next have to change dBase's setup using DBSETUP at the DOS prompt * and load in the current configuration and then on the Files Menu * change the option of PRGAPPLIC so that it reads * "C:\DBASEIV\EDIT2.PRG". Once done, save the new configuration and * exit to DOS. Then enter dBase in your usual way. Next, create or * edit an existing program through the Control Center's Application * Menu. The Control Center will execute this .PRG file (it will * automatically compile it) and load up your Editor with the program * ready to edit! * ***Note*** * This program will only work through the Control Center. If you type * "MODI COMM filename" at the DOT PROMPT, the original editor will be * loaded as the Open Architecture only works with the Control Center * applications. * Hope you enjoy this program!!!! * Parameters passed from Control Center to Application Designer * Panel Name, Filename (Programming in dBase IV - Chapter 17, pg 4) PARAMETERS cPanelName, cFileName * Clear screen and turn on cursor * (MODI COMM turns off cursor when loading and then turns it back * on when editing - Why? I don't know. When I invoked my editor, I * found that the cursor had disappeared, so I included this Command * and my cursor came back!) CLEAR SET CURSOR ON * Store Editor's filename and dBase .PRG Filename to variable for * Macro Execution * (You can enter your own Editor's file name here if you wish, just * include the FULL PATH NAME just in case, and don't forget the SPACE!) * uncomment this line for PRGCC or it will load CATALOG FILE * STORE "" TO cFileName STORE "D:\TP\TURBO " + cFileName TO cExecEdit * Invoke RUN() function to swap out memory STORE RUN("&cExecEdit",.T.) TO nRun * Change filename so we can erase .DBO file for proper compiling * If creating a new file, no need to erase .DBO file IF .NOT. ISBLANK(cFileName) STORE SUBSTR(cFileName, 1, AT(".PRG", cFileName)) + "DBO" TO ; cExecEdit * Erase the .DBO file ERASE &cExecEdit ENDIF * Return directly to Control Center instead of invoking Command Editor RETURN TO MASTER * End