So, you want to make a Web Page!
Handy Dandy Font Viewer

The <FONT> tag gives us some flexibility in HTML page design. An interesting use of fonts can add a little zip to a page. This little widget will help you see how different fonts, at different sizes look through your browser.

Remember- a visitor to your page will be able to see your font choices only if they have that font installed on their computer. Remember also you can specify more than one font. This way you increase the probability that everyone will see your handiwork as you intended it to be seen.

Another thing to keep in mind are potential problems with font names. There is no clearinghouse for font names. You may have a font called KewlFont on your system that looks very nice. Someone down the street may make a font of naked lady sillouettes and call it KewlFont. Now let's suppose I have that naked lady font on my system and I look at your page and you've specified KewlFont. Well, all I would see is a bunch of naked ladies. Now, on one level, that's kinda cool. On another level it's a problem. So, be judicious in your use of fonts.

Open the Handy Dandy Font Viewer

FAQ: Can I somehow embed a font or force a download of my font so my visitors automatically get the font I'm using?
A: For all practical purposes... no. The only way that they will see the font you specify is if they have that font on their system. There are some emerging web technologies that actually do embed special fonts in a web page, but these are very rarely used, not very widely supported and generally a pain in the butt. You can always offer a simple link to your font. Your visitors can download & install it if they wish.

What's that?? You like the Handy Dandy Font Viewer? You want one of your very own that you can download and use locally whenever you want?? I thought you might. Here you go. (3 Kb)