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PIC Microcontroler based Keyboards

Input multiplexing using 74HC251/4051

By Jinx

From: with permission

There are many ways of multiplexing pushbuttons with micro pins, for example strobing,
with pins alternating between input (read button) and output (drive). Strobing will
often involve pull-ups and current-limiting resistors. Using an external IC such as a
latch or multiplexer enables the detection of signals like those that cannot be strobed,
for example toggle switches (ie no short-term release), signals which may be able to
drive/pull in only one direction or analogue signals (which can be multiplexed using a
4051). As appropriate, use and modify the detection routine below to suit your inputs

74HC251s can be added in parallel (datasheet says 128), each needing its own E0. With
only a short settling time after a selection or chip change, it is possible to scan many
inputs quickly and reliably

#define led         lata,4       ;indicator
#define e2512       latb,0       ;74HC251 (2) E0
#define e2513       latb,1       ;74HC251 (3) E0

;LCD pins 0V V+ VO RS R/W En DB0-DB7

#define  rs         latb,3       ;LCD RS out
#define  z251      portb,3       ;74HC251 Z in
#define  rs_z_tris trisb,3       ;direction
#define  rw         lata,0       ;LCD R/W
#define  en         lata,1       ;LCD enable
#define  e251       lata,2       ;74HC251 (1) output enable

;PortB <4:7>                      LCD data

;PortB <4:6>                      74HC251 select

         movlw   b'00100000'
;                  x            osc
;                   x           osc
;                    1          /MCLR
;                     0         LED
;                      0
;                       0       74HC251 (1) E0
;                        0      LCD enable
;                         0     LCD R/W
         movwf   trisa

         movlw   b'00000000'
;                  0000         LCD data out
;                   000         74HC251 input select
;                      0        RS out, 74HC251 Z in
;                       0
;                        0      74HC251 (3) E0
;                         0     74HC251 (2) E0
         movwf   trisb


get_btn  call    read_btn

         movlw   0x00
         xorwf   btn_no,w
         bz      process_button1
         xorlw   0x00^0x01
         bz      process_button2
         xorlw   0x01^0x02
         bz      process_button3
         xorlw   0x02^0x03
         bz      process_button4
         xorlw   0x03^0x04
         bz      process_button5
         xorlw   0x04^0x05
         bz      process_button6
         xorlw   0x05^0x06
         bz      process_button7
         xorlw   0x06^0x07
         bz      process_button8

;Button processing routines


         goto    get_btn       ;return to button routine

;        Read buttons

read_btn bsf     rs_z_tris     ;input for 74HC251 data
         bcf     e251          ;74HC251 output enabled

load_clk movlw   0x07          ;'Select' counter
         movwf   s_clk

btn_lp   movfw   portb
         andlw   b'10001111'   ;clear 74HC251 S0,S1,S2
         movwf   temp0
         swapf   s_clk,w
         addwf   temp0,w
         movwf   latb          ;add counter
         usec                  ;short settling delay
         btfsc   z251          ;test selected 74HC251 input
         bra     btn_down      ;= 1, button pressed
         decf    s_clk         ;decrement counter
         incf    s_clk,w
         bz      load_clk      ;counter = -1, reload

         bra     btn_lp        ;else no press, loop

btn_down movff   s_clk,btn_no  ;save button number 0 - 7 
         call    ms50          ;debounce delay

;test for release

         btfsc   z251          ;test selected 74HC251 input
         bra     $-2           ;still = 1
         call    ms50          ;debounce delay

         bsf     e251          ;74HC251 output disabled
         bcf     rs_z_tris     ;output for LCD RS


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