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Alternative Cars

Ultra light weight, alternative power versions of todays cars:

First, Cars kill more people than anything else. Period. Between 50,000 and 60,000 each year just in the USA. 911 was ~3,000. Big deal.  In Y2K, it was estimated that the Economic Cost of Traffic Crashes was over $630 Billion USD.

And the #1 cause of accidents? "Pilot" Error: Why not build a Sane car that doesn't depend on the driver?


Name Size (LWH) /
Curb Weight

Seats /
Cruise & Top Speed /
Suspension /
Brakes Chassis Drive Effiency / Strength Power Source Price: New / Used
Nano Car ^

A.K.A. "the 2500 car"
10' 2" x 59" x 63"




4 wheel


? metal mono-body 54+ MPG

50 HP

Gasoline Bosch 624 cc four stroke engine $2.5k (not imported to the US)
Twike ^:

Very nice, quick, light, pedal and electric power, regerative brakes. Not sold in the USA. No solar panels.
8' 8" x 48" x 48"


2 w/ luggage



3 wheel trike, independent suspension, struts front and rear

Tiller w/ adj damping, turning radius 12'

F:mech disk (CH) or drum (D)
R:hyd drum,
electrical regenerative
Aluminum space frame w/ roll bar. Thermoplastic Luran® S body. 5-gears w/ AC synch motor,
Rated 4-6kwh / 60m, 10%pwr from pedaling,
Starts on >20% grade.
Battery: Ni-Cd, 2-3kWh (1kWh blocks)

Charger: 2kW (2hrs)

$15k-6k (not imported to the US)
Didik Sun Shark ^

how it was built ^
Brilliant! Solar & pedal power. Never put in production.
9' x 27.5" x 52"?

220 lbs -
600 gross


-50 mph


2 main wheels, 2 small ballance wheels which retract in motion. ?

no regenerative brakeing

steel chassis and frame with a fiberglass body and blown polycarbonate windshield. Enclosed cabin, rain and wind proof. 2 motors, pedals Solar: 8 amorphous silicon photovoltaic cells, 8% effecient, 22% more range.

Battery: 2 high capacity, deep cycle, lead acid

Human: Pedal

$2,500 (single prototype, never produced)

265cm X 76.0cm X 98cm

+/-28kg Carbon-fibre or +/- 32 Kg Fiberglass

Track: 72cm

Wheel-base: 135 cm




3 wheels

carbon fibre backbone and shell Human: Pedal

Listed here because electrics are promised soon.

Germany and UK only
Rhoades Car ^
Available, well made, pedal with electric assist. Slow, no solar or regerative brakeing.
77" x 37" x ? to 108" x 55" x ?

75 - 125 lbs + 30 lbs motor + batteries




4 wheels, independant front suspension

handlebars or butterfly steering wheel

Hand operated. Standard drive; disc on left rear wheel. Positive traction, drum on left rear wheel. Optional rear brake on right rear wheel.  not regenerative Jig welded, 2" square tube, powder coated.

VERY well made.

24 volt 750 watt Powerdrive motor assist Human: Pedal


$4,800 - 5,600 (2 seat, 4 seat electric not priced)
Corbin Sparrow
FAST! No longer in production, no solar or pedal power nor regerative brakeing.
x x 57"

 1350 lbs

1 seat, 6cf trunk



3 wheel, Double A-Arm front, Single sided swing arm rear Spring over hydraulic shocks

Tilt steering wheel,
Rack & Pinion steering

 All disc brakes not regenerative   Brush DC motor continuous "E" rating 25 hp (20 kW), 40 hp peak Cog-belt Battery: 598lbs of Lead Acid motorcycle cells

Charger: 7.02kw (6hrs@110v, 2.5hrs@220v)

$20k-10k (no longer made)

May again be available from Meyers Motors ^ (Bible thumpers) as the MM NmG for $24,900 (plus tax, title and delivery)

GEM-E2 (also E4 or E6 4 and 6 seat models) Global Electric Motor Cars

1,140 lbs

2 seats



NEV: Legal only on streets posted 35MPH or less.

4 wheel


no mention of regenerative brakeing ? 5hp (12hp peak) DC motor Battery: 6 12V Led Acid (options for gel cells available)

Charger: 110V 15Amp

starting at $6,795.00

Xebra Zap Cars

1,441 lbs

4 seats

40 mph


3 wheel


DC Lead Acid

110V onboard


146-1/2" x 65" x 42"

1200 lbs

2 seats,


225m (4.5g @ 50mpg)

3 wheel

VW Beetle front, Goldwing rear

Disc brakes VW, custom, goldwing

fiberglass over foam^


Goldwing MC engine. 6 cylinder, electric start and reverse. 5-speed, constant mesh, return shift (MC transmission)

Gasoline: 4.5g tank.

(included here as some have been converted to hybrid)

$3500 + Goldwing + Labor + $99 plans
Trimuter ^
146" x 67" x 45"

~1500 lbs

2 seats,



3 wheel trike

Front: Leading arm w/anti-dive geometry

Rear: Independent semi-trailing arm

Drum front & rear Custom welded.

fiberglass over foam^

Baldor #7544 10 each, 6-volt lead-acid ~$3500 + labor + $95 plans
Heibao EV 2002
Solectria Force

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