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16bit divide by 10  May 28th 1
16c6x doc's and 16c65  Jun 2nd 1 4th 88
16c84 reprogram cycles  May 1st 1
27k too big for a pull up?  May 24th 1
a good way to start? was: Compiler Efficiency  Apr 27th 1, 4
alt source for programming software?  Jul 4th 1
buying pics (one's and two's)  Jul 10th 1
clock for 16c84 and basic compiler  Apr 30th 1
crystal  Jul 22th 1 23th 24
crystals and osc freq  Jun 18th 1, 3
Epic programmer  Jun 22th 1
FlexRom?  Jul 24th 1
help with crystal types  Jul 1st 1 2nd 10
I got off ground zero  May 21th 1 22th 22
inexpensive eprom eraser for these pics?  Jun 2nd 1
Is this list archived anywhere?  Mar 14th 1
ITU programmers? In business?  May 3rd 1 4th 14
ITU programmers? with MPASM  May 4th 1
LCD display control  Jun 8th 1
lets stop him  Mar 17th 1
No Branch command?  May 13th 1
novice xtal freq question  May 15th 1
NT4.0 any problems?  Jul 31th 1 Aug 1st 11
Parallax vrs MPSA & 16c5x vrs 16c6x  May 14th 1
pointer to info on using multiple interrupts on 16  Jun 1st 1
shure would be nice 16c84+  Jul 4th 1
timer1 on 16c65  Jun 10th 1
xtal freq for basic compiler i/o at 9600 baud  May 1st 1

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