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(Kein Betreff)  Sep 14th 1
(OT) Electronic Drafting  Aug 6th 1
[FW: GNU H8 Mailing List] Shortages all around...  Sep 23th 1
[FYI/OT]: Y2K Compliance  Feb 17th 1
[NSOT] Summer Intern Position Available  Mar 22th 1
[OT/FYI] SMT Land Pattern Calculator  Aug 31th 1
[OT/MS Humor] Improved BSOD  May 27th 1
[OT?] FYI: TeraGen  Feb 11th 1
[OT?] Wire Wrap headers  Jan 28th 1
[OT] Adapter Page and [NSOT] PICLIST Gems page upd  Aug 29th 1
[OT] Adapters [Was: MAXIM small orders system]  Aug 22th 1, 5, 11 23th 36, 88
[OT] anything better than Schottky?  May 11th 1
[OT] Atmel AVRs and ICE200  Oct 1st 1 2nd 16, 46
[OT] Atmel lists [was re: ~!@#$% Happy ... ]  Sep 20th 1
[OT] Crimp headers and flat ribbon cable. Trick Qu  Jul 8th 1, 2
[OT] Cryptography etc. (was Re: Download Crack now  Mar 11th 1, 28
[OT] Eagle manual now available  Aug 18th 1
[OT] Eagle vs. Orcad 386PCB V1.1  Aug 7th 1
[OT] Ethics (was Re: MAXIM small orders system)  Aug 24th 1
[OT] FCC approval  Apr 20th 1
[OT] From another list  Oct 3rd 1
[OT] Getting parts. Was: Maxim  Feb 18th 1
[OT] Hardware access under Linux  Jan 20th 1
[OT] has anybody a description of PC printer cable  Feb 28th 1
[OT] Hitachi H8  Mar 24th 1
[OT] Hole Hawg (long), [was Re: [OT] Some tips and  Sep 10th 1
[OT] household wiring connections  Sep 19th 1
[OT] How to Stack Boards  Jul 3rd 1
[OT] HP or other Scope Recommendation  Apr 25th 1
[OT] I'm baaaaaack!  Jul 22th 1
[OT] I'm baaaaaack! Now politics and presedents et  Jul 23th 1
[OT] Impedance  Mar 13th 1
[OT] INK subscribers? email me...  Aug 3rd 1
[OT] KibiBytes: not intended for canine consumptio  Aug 10th 1 11th 55
[OT] LINUX - UNIX - CAD for PIC ... was SuperPCB,  Mar 31th 1
[OT] LINUX - UNIX - CAD for PIC ... was SuperPCB,  Apr 2nd 1
[OT] Linux versions?  Jun 16th 1 Aug 17th 4524
[OT] List filtering [was: Beware!...]  May 17th 1
[OT] MLAs [w: OTP DS]  Sep 3rd 1
[OT] Network Card Address  Mar 30th 1
[OT] Philips 89C51RC+/RD+  Jun 29th 1
[OT] Printer for TTP  Feb 6th 1, 4, 8 7th 19
[OT] RE: Cheaper PICs !  Apr 20th 1
[OT] Re: Explosion Rocks Midwest electronics lab  Feb 27th 1
[OT] Re: MChip F___ Up!  Sep 14th 1
[OT] Recommendations for free web site providers  Aug 12th 1
[OT] Recommendations for Project scheduler softwar  May 14th 1
[OT] Rejected Postings  Jan 27th 1
[OT] Sales weirdness question  Jan 2nd 1, 31
[OT] self-oscillating magnetic buzzer  Jul 23th 1
[OT] SMT Soldering revisited  Sep 10th 1
[OT] soic to DIP adapters  Aug 20th 1, 28 23th 134, 145 31th 782
[ot] SOIC to DIP adapters - how to make  Aug 21th 1
[OT] SPAM  Apr 17th 1
[OT] Stika Demo units [was Re: CAM via Roland Stik  Aug 25th 1 26th 75
[OT] TAR files  Mar 11th 1
[OT] test pins  Feb 10th 1 11th 38 19th 906
[OT] Units [Was: Beginners Problem ??]  Mar 13th 1, 17
[OT] What is a Schottky ?  May 11th 1
[OT] Wire Wrapping  Jan 29th 1
[OT] Yet Another Piclist Suggestion: Marking Posts  Mar 27th 1
[ot]GELP WITH PCB LAYOUT  Sep 20th 1
[OT]PCB book?  Sep 12th 1
[ Re: Binary to ASCII]  Sep 6th 1
[PIC] 4-20 mA current Loop  Apr 21th 1
[piclist] 1-wire sample code or tips?  May 1st 1
[POLICY] What if? Thoughts and a suggestion  Mar 25th 1
[SOT] which is easier to prototype  May 22th 1
[test] Back Again  Aug 8th 1
{OT] simple comms program  Sep 25th 1
{OT} how to uninstall NT  Feb 12th 1
+5v from a PC parallel port  Jan 22th 1, 2
<Way OT>free computers  Sep 20th 1
12C672 [was Re: Forth for the PIC]  Feb 4th 1
16F877 Evaluation Boards  Jun 29th 1 30th 97
4004 on PIC?  Sep 21th 1, 4
486 source  Mar 18th 1
877 lead times  Aug 18th 1
A plea for focus. . .  Sep 24th 1
Another plea for help  Aug 28th 1
Atmel list  Aug 12th 1
Battery Charger  Apr 10th 1
battery life - Surprise!  Jul 24th 1
Beginners 'freeware' software problems  Jun 26th 1 28th 119
Beginners Problem ??  Mar 13th 1, 6
Binary to ASCII  Sep 6th 1
Boardhouses  Aug 6th 1
Bresenham's Algorithm/happy99 post  May 16th 1
Calculator chip ? [OT[  Aug 17th 1
Cheaper PICs !  Apr 19th 1
chipfind website  Sep 20th 1
Codec  Aug 29th 1
connectors on SMT boards  Jul 20th 1
Covering JW part windows.  Sep 2nd 1
Current sensing again  Jul 23th 1
Customer Service @ CCS (was re: Bad Disk)  Mar 8th 1
CVASM16  May 6th 1 14th 494 15th 558
CVASM16: Thanks and follow-up  May 8th 1
Digital volume control  Mar 14th 1
Division by Constants  Jul 24th 1 25th 18
Eagle CRACK!!!!!  Jan 17th 1
Eagle-friendly Board House  Jul 29th 1
Electronic components font for shcematics  Mar 8th 1
Embedded Systems Show [Long report]  Oct 3rd 1, 35, 36
Embedded Systems Show Pictures  Oct 3rd 1
ESC  Jul 28th 1, 7
ESC meeting place  Sep 21th 1
Fast serial buses  Feb 4th 1, 5
FFT engine in Hi-Tech C  Sep 2nd 1
Forth for the PIC  Feb 2nd 1
Fume Extraction Systems  Sep 10th 1
Fwd: The Year 2000 Problem  Jun 29th 1
Give me all the pros/cons on the Scenix chips!  Jul 27th 1
HELP! - I'm an idiot UNSUBSCRIBE [OT]  Mar 4th 1
hitech optimizer munching inline assembler  May 26th 1
I Need a PC Disk Drive Power Connector Source  Jan 8th 1
I need to take a break...  Oct 7th 1
Info about LM75... quick navigation of National's  Mar 15th 1
Logic substitutes  Aug 4th 1
LON and CAN  Aug 4th 1
Long, accurate times...  Jun 8th 1
Make your PCBs for free!!!!  Jan 14th 1
Manufacturing 2000 boards a month...  Aug 27th 1
Manufacturing Sticker Shock  Sep 2nd 1
Maxim  Feb 19th 1
MAXIM small orders system  Aug 25th 1
MAXIM small orders system [was: MAXIM small orders  Aug 26th 1
MChip F___ Up!  Sep 9th 1 10th 68
MChip F___up!  Sep 11th 1
Measuring Large (1A-7A) Currents ?  Apr 24th 1
MicroChip documentation CD  Oct 3rd 1
Microcode CircuitMaker  Mar 3rd 1
Microcontroller Market Share  May 2nd 1
Mid-East Realities (are a pain)  Feb 3rd 1
Mid-East Realities, hopefully they'll go away.  Feb 3rd 1
More on PIC shortages: Reply from Microchip  Sep 24th 1
More RS232 to PIC questions  Apr 7th 1, 4, 6 8th 84
MPLAB desires  Aug 4th 1
NEED 8 pin SMT (SOIC) to 8 DIP adapter  May 20th 1
newbie conflicting  Aug 25th 1 26th 27, 28
Newbie in deep pooh re C17 and 32 bit maths  Aug 27th 1
newbie q's  Jul 1st 1
Off Topic Stuff  Jan 27th 1
On topic for a change: PIC Networking  Mar 13th 1
Operating System used for PIC Programming  Feb 18th 1 20th 354
Opinions and availability of Linux development too  Jun 7th 1
OT AM antenna  Sep 4th 1
OT: Eagle CAD (again... sorry)  Apr 6th 1
OT: getting on  Jan 27th 1
PC logic analyzer (commercial one?)  Aug 27th 1
PC Motherboards [OT] Was: Car MP3 Player  Aug 29th 1 30th 29
PC printer port  Mar 28th 1
PCB Gerber Viewing  Aug 15th 1
PIC & RS485  May 28th 1
PIC A/D clock too slow?  Jun 29th 1
PIC on the Internet, emWare  Mar 24th 1
PIC PPP?  Jul 6th 1
PIC16F877 unreliable start up  Sep 23th 1
PIC18Cxxx  Aug 27th 1
PICLIST Gems/call for nominations [was Re: Start a  Aug 28th 1
PICLIST, Reply-To:,  Sep 8th 1
Post on RS232/RS485 convertor?  Aug 9th 1
posting schematics as pspice model  Feb 26th 1
project database  Feb 3rd 1
Project distribution site [was Re: project uploadi  Feb 2nd 1
project uploading  Feb 2nd 1
Proposal: PIC Resource Database  Feb 7th 1
QRe: tapping xtal oscillator  Aug 28th 1
Question on PLDs  Aug 24th 1
Question: Linux Resources for PIC development (and  Sep 7th 1
R[OT]FL - Sun invents the mainframe computer  Sep 25th 1
Recommending Parts [was: Re: [OT] sort of...]  Sep 14th 1, 7
RS-232 to RS-485 convertor, who posted one?  Sep 30th 1
SuperPCB, Gerbers, and Windows 95  Mar 30th 1
tapping xtal oscillator  Aug 27th 1
the PIC archive  Sep 7th 1
TIP - ZIF socket  Jan 28th 1
Un/subscribing - a web page  Mar 9th 1
Vapor Mags the next saga --- The Web Address  Feb 4th 1 7th 138
VT100 terminal specifications  May 18th 1
What RJ-11 pin assignment used for RS-232?  Jun 4th 1
What«s a snubber network ????  Feb 2nd 1
Who has 16F876s? (or 16F873s)  Sep 8th 1
WHY USE PICs???  Mar 10th 1
Will Make Front Panels for Food---- How To Reply??  Sep 17th 1
You want a newsgroup? Start your own!  Jun 10th 1 11th 92

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