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BBS Telnet Site?  22th 1
Can't figure out these assembler errors and messag  25th 1
Code question about saving and restoring W & Statu  22th 1
Error rates for SCI pic16c74  1st 1
Error rates for SCI pic16c74,  1st 1
How can I access the microchip BBS  20th 1 21th 11
impedence of the "weak" pullups of PORTB?  20th 1
PIC16C74 taking incredible long to erase w/ dataer  31th 1
Recommended Brounout Protection Circuit doesnt wor  27th 1 29th 15
Searching for SCI source code examples 16C74  22th 1
What value caps to use with 20mhz crystal?  17th 1

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