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1 wire half duplex communication between two PIC 1  30th 1, 7
Any app notes for the SCI of the PIC16c74?  30th 1
Crystal type for PIC?  27th 1
inexpensive eprom eraser for these pics?  2nd 1
Is MPLAB only usefull when using a PIC Emulator?  18th 1
ITU PIC-1 programming, how can it support in circu  23th 1
LCD module  10th 1
Looking for 5-6 digit alpha numeric or 7 segment L  3rd 1
Looking Signal Peak detect circuit for use with PI  9th 1
MP-C C-compiler. Is it reliable? How expensive?  18th 1, 13
MPLAB downloading (any way to break the 1.9M to fi  12th 1
Need help with PIC A/D (range setting,  10th 1, 33
Need help with PIC A/D (range setting, interfacing  9th 1
RB Port Change Interrupt on the '84  12th 1, 27
RF remote for a PIC project  18th 1 19th 37
Searching for a good programmer for the 16c6x and  3rd 1
When is an external watchdog timer necessary?  12th 1

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