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PICList Thread
1998\11\20@215045 by =?ISO-8859-2?Q?Sylwester_=A3azar?=

If someone want to enter to on-line discussion in IRC just now, it would be

Microcontrollers PIC, ATMEL and so on..

IRC server, I use is:

Let's try it on IRC!

Sylwester #azar
electronics engineer
//ALPRO//- Projektowanie Systemsw Elektronicznych
      tel/fax: +46 61 8223788

1998\11\21@022434 by Gary Chung

I can log into the server. What's wrong ???

Sylwester #azar wrote:

{Quote hidden}

1998\11\22@182250 by James Cameron

Gary Chung wrote:
> I can log into the server. What's wrong ???
> Sylwester #azar wrote:
> > #micro
> >

Tried from Sydney, Australia. tells me "Unauthorized
connection".  I can't log into it either.

It may have a restricted address mask.  I manage an IRC network inside
Compaq, so I know how to fix it, but they probably chose the restriction
for a reason.

Next time, recommend a server that we can all use, Sylwester.  ;-0

James Cameron                                      (

OpenVMS, Linux, Firewalls, Software Engineering, CGI, HTTP, X, C, FORTH,
COBOL, BASIC, DCL, csh, bash, ksh, sh, Electronics, Microcontrollers,
Disability Engineering, Netrek, Bicycles, Pedant, Farming, Home Control,
Remote Area Power, Greek Scholar, Tenor Vocalist, Church Sound, Husband.

"Specialisation is for insects." -- Robert Heinlein.

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