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': need 0-6GHz spectrum analyzer, european seller'
2005\08\04@130904 by Vasile Surducan

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On 8/4/05, Dmitriy Kiryashov <> wrote:
> Vasile I've seen all of your emails as everybody else did.
> I'm not sure about such thing being "inexpensive" and don't
> live currently in europe either.
> Why don't you try to locate somebody from Europe selling
> equipment on Ebay first then call their office and check
> their price list ?

 There isn't any similar item on Ebay from the Europe. Everything is
from the US!
Only once per month an old T141... By inexpensive I mean less than
3000$, I know the prices... Shipping from the US any parcel of 30-50lb
via air is the hell. Insurance + shipping cost = almost 50% more added
to the innitial price. Not talking about no money back guarantee ( 15
days is not enough). So who is buying from Ebay US if lives in the
Europe ?

thx even for good thoughts,

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