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'[EE]: X-10 receiver module address'
2000\09\08@192057 by Barry Gershenfeld

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Unless I've overlooked something, the X-10 module that has the
antenna, works with the wireless remote, and has an appliance module
built in, is hardwired to address 1.   If find this quite annoying
and was wondering if it could be set to another address.

I suspect if I take it apart and compare it to a conventional
module, that I'll find the same chip in there, that the switches
just ground or float a set of 4 pins, and that on the receiver
module I could clip or unsolder them and pull them the other
way to change the address.

But I don't know.  Has anyone been through this before?  You could
save me the trouble if the answer is that it doesn't work.


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