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'[EE] 3D display no screen needed'
2005\08\17@204254 by Russell McMahon

"""3D"""     "floats in air" display.
Very impressive uindeed. But, all, it seems, is perhaps not as it
They themselves say that it is in fact a 2D display that looks 3D from
a few feet due to lack of depth reference.
They say it "modifies the air" but does not add anything to the air.
I'd like to know (wouldn't we all" how it gets an image to appear on
unmodified air using lasers.
A similar effect can be achieved by using a concave mirror to project
a real image. It's not obvious from the pictures whether this uses
that technique - executive toys that produce quite realistic "floating
coin" images use this method.

Some information

Picture here, not much info.

Starwars R2D2 Princess Leia type display example. Help me O... . hmmm,
looks like a car.


Ref: From: Matthew McMahon

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