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'[EE] Fascinating introduction to Op Amps'
2005\08\10@071130 by Russell McMahon

Excellent introduction to opamps.
Of value to the beginner and will be of historical interest to many

See a Philbrick 1952 op-Amp! (complete with valves and bakelite case

Rob Widlar gets multiple mentions as he designed the 702, 709, 741 Op
Amps and much more.

The uA702 cost $US300 in 1963!
The LM324 was introduced in 1974 - only 30 years young.


2005\08\10@080339 by Gerhard Fiedler

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Russell McMahon wrote:

> Excellent introduction to opamps.

Once you're through with this (for the ones that read it as an
introduction), go on to the National application notes. Lots of interesting
circuits -- probably one of the largest opamp circuit collections. For
example AN-31


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