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'[EE] Looking For a Book Detailing the MP3 Codec'
2012\03\06@072457 by Brendan Gillatt

Hello list,

I am looking for a book which explains the internals of the MP3 codec.

My aim is to port the ARM (classic ARM) assembly code in the libMAD
library to the Cortex-M4F core (Thumb-2). I'm fairly well accustomed
to the Thumb-2 instruction set and the libMAD code looks
straightforward enough, I'd just like a bit of a helping hand in
figuring out the bigger picture when looking through the existing

I know there's the ISO/IEC 11172-3:1993 document but I find the ISO
writing style rather hard to understand without first being familiar
with the subject material. Not to mention they want £15k for the one

I'd prefer a physical book but web suggestions would be okay.

Best Regards,
Brendan Gillatt

Brendan Gillatt

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