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'[EE] Re: Engineering students across the world'
2005\08\29@204342 by Vasile Surducan

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On 8/29/05, Chen Xiao Fan <> wrote:
> I am not so sure about the correct tag for this but I decide
> to use EE tag instead of OT tag.
> I've met engineering students from different countries during my work
> in Singapore and my TA days in USA. So far I rate European students
> (I have met students from Italy, Germany and France) the highest. They
> have the best theory background and quite okay practical knowledge
> and they are devoted to Engineering as well.

 Have you met any romanian one ?

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you looks so. :)

However the number is not that high and the reason may be
> because a talkative layers earns much more and engineering is not
> so easy with their poor maths. :) Therefore I see a large number of
> incompetent engineering students in a top 50 US public university. I
> do not know how they are going to work

they will be our next leaders, it's the best job

since they do not even know
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Xiaofan, it seems you're still in holiday... :)


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