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'[EE] miter effect on long buses'
2005\08\16@041328 by Vasile Surducan

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Anyone knows a good simulation program, free and available (that's a
dream isn't it ?) for high frequency bus simulation ? I'm interested
only how round miter is affecting good or worse the reflections on the
bus.There is any eagle user here which have measured reflections on
long busses (about 20cm) with and without using  round miters ?

thank you,

2005\08\16@084951 by Roberts II, Charles K.

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You can check out

They have an article called "90 Degree Corners, The Final Turn"

I there testing they found that there are no EMI issues with 90 degree
corners or impedance issues, until you reach 1 Ghz.

Charles K Roberts II

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