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'[OT?] Wire Wrap headers'
1999\01\28@214026 by Bob Drzyzgula

I've been working on a prototype for a PIC16C76-based
monitoring & control circuit, and I've been using the
MicroEngineering Labs PicProto 3 boards. Most of the
basic power-supply and oscillator stuff I've just
soldered in (since that's so nicely set up already),
but I'm trying to do wire-wrap for the rest of it.
One thing that would be a big help in this kind of
circuit is a wire-wrap 0.1" pitch dual-row header.
I'd like to have one to make it easier to carry
intermediate signals off-board (I've got a wire-wrap
DB-25 in the board for the main interface signals) or
for jumper selects.

But while I can find wire-wrap D-subs, DIP sockets,
SIPP headers, and individual pins, I can't seem to find
just a basic dual-row header. The closest I could find
were some fancy latching headers in Digi-Key, but they
seem like they'd take up a lot of space and I would
really prefer the break-to-fit type. (I ordered
a few to see if they'd be workable but they haven't
come yet). I tried using some SIPP headers, but the
problem is finding a decent crimp pin that I can push
into the sockets... they're designed for the smaller
pins on SIPPs (they also work well for basic DIPs) and
the smallest stuff I have around -- HD-20, HD-22 and
even AMP MOD-IV male crimp pins -- are too fat to fit in
the sockets. I suppose I could just use solid hook-up
wire, but...

Anyone have a suggestion?


Bob Drzyzgula                             It's not a problem                until something bad happens

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