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'[OT]: What should I say for a Wimshurst machine'
2000\08\09@201550 by Barry Gershenfeld

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> Barry,
> I realize I may be borderline nitpicking, but all references that I
> have seen say it's 'Wimshurst', not 'Wimhurst'.  I don't know which
> is actually the correct spelling though.  I also remember my college
> prof. referring to it as a 'Wimshurst' too.  Oh well, enough on the
> subject.  Just letting you know what I know.  If I'm wrong, I
> apologise.                             Jim

No, sir; I believe _my_ comment was a bit nitpicky...

I decided to use a lifeline and "ask the audience" -- that being
a search engine.  The majority votes for "Wimshurst" although a
significant minority used my spelling.  Interestingly enough,
some sites use BOTH spelling interchangeably.

I was so sure...I just put that in without thinking.  After your
correction I thought, "Hmm, have I been making that mistake for
this long?"  There sure were a lot of posters here going along
with the 's' spelling!  But it looks like at least I didn't
just imagine it.

Anyway, I stand corrected!


It's gotta be a place or someone's name, though...

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2000\08\10@055006 by e Frederickson

                       Who needs a reason to own a Wimshurst machine. I
find things like this fascinating, they look good too. If you have a real
use, then even better.

               As for spelling, Here's what my dictionary said (although
not literally)

               Wimshurst machine /wmzhst min/ n. phr. L19. [James Wimshurst
(1832-1903), Eng. engineer.] Physics. A hand-operated electrostatic
generator consisting of two or more counterrotating insulating discs, each
with a peripheral ring of metal sectors which connect successively with a
stationary pair of brushes, become inductively charged, and transfer a high
voltage to a pair of electrodes.

               Courtesy of Oxford English Dictionary.

               Best Regards

               Clive Frederickson
               Electronics Engineer

               Spectrol Electronics Ltd
               Garrard Way
               Swindon Wilts
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