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'[OT]: isdn informations ?'
2000\08\09@165458 by lu01ts

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Hello picsters,

does anyone here know where I could find informations about the
encoding of germany isdn - telephone, especially about the D-channel ?

Best regards,

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2000\08\09@200304 by Mike Cornelius

Hi Stefan,

You're looking for click "standards on-line" in the left panel
then serach in "title and scope" for "NET 3" for basic rate access or "NET
5" for primary rate (make sure to include the spaces). This will return a
few documents describing the requirements at the terminal end which should
either answer your questions or point you to the right documents.

If you search for ISDN you'll get a LOT more documents but it may be tricky
to work out which ones you want.

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