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'[OT]: remote controlled cars stop thieves'
2005\12\31@154633 by Peter

picon face

and film them in the act too:

Made in Canada. Great!


2005\12\31@160507 by Alex Harford

face picon face
On 12/31/05, Peter <> wrote:
> and film them in the act too:
> Made in Canada. Great!

Specifically Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

Car theft is a big problem in the Vancouver area due to (crystal meth
and heroin) drug addicts supporting their habits through property
crime.  I've personally had 2 cars stolen in my 9 year driving career.
After the first time I always used a steering wheel lock, and the
second time was the night that I bought a new car and put the lock on
the new one!  The police were rather suspicious on that one.  I've
also had 2 cars broken into and the stereo vandalized since I always
take the detachable face with me.

Now all of my cars either have passive immobolizers from the factory,
or they get an aftermarket one installed.


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