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'[OT] Bob Widlar. Died February 27 1991'
2005\08\10@050400 by Russell McMahon

If anyone wonders what the "Widlar" in the Widlar thread is about,
read this

ALL engineers will probably find it interesting.
It's an obituary written by Bob Pease, if that's any indication of the
stature of the man concerned.
You wouldn't have wanted to have the office next to his one though :-)


E18 rating - Includes advanced electronics, harmless pranks with a
sheep (, firecrackers
destroying paging systems, boss baiters, and much more. Also some fine
electronics design gets mentioned in passing.

2005\08\10@054602 by Alan B. Pearce

face picon face
>If anyone wonders what the "Widlar" in the Widlar thread is about,
>read this
>ALL engineers will probably find it interesting.

Hmm, I have some projects around here that need to be "Widlarized" ...

2005\08\10@101153 by Philip Pemberton

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In message <01bf01c59d8a$6f10d930$d201a8c0@y2k>
         Russell McMahon <> wrote:


Oh yeah, the Hassler. I emailed Bob Pease a while back and got a copy of the
article from him - complete with "Enjoy! RAP" written on the top. I've still
got the article here - never did get around to building one though. It was in
Electronic Design Magazine, May 15th 1995, on page 131. "Pease Porridge:
What's All This Hassler Stuff, Anyhow?".

One of these days I'll do a PCB for the Hassler and build one. Raise your
voice and get hit by a loud *SKREEEE*. It's the closest thing I've found to
the "perfect", legal LART. The problem with a clue-by-four is that hitting
someone with it is kinda, sorta, maybe.. illegal in some (uh.. most)
jurisdictions. Hammers are good for Widlarizing components though. Especially
big ones.

*goes off to find somewhere that still sells Big Foam ClueBats*

Phil.                              | Acorn RiscPC600 SA220 64MB+6GB 100baseT              | Athlon64 3200+ A8VDeluxe R2 512MB+100GB          | Sony MZ-N710 NetMD Minidisc
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