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PICList Thread
'[OT] Build your own PBX'
2005\03\07@103322 by Alex Harford

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Not sure if James has made any progress on his voice mail project.  I
thought I'd share this with the list because others seemed interested
as well.


2005\03\07@173213 by James Newtons Massmind

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Ahhh... Thanks for bringing up that painful memory... <GRIN>

Actually I started off with a distro of Asterisk that would load from CD and
run in a RAM disk on the PC (using no hard drive space) and store
configuration in a USB FLASH drive.

The trick is I only have 96MB in the PC I was trying to use and the program
would not load... No error messages as to why, just a general "I bombed"
message. After much reading and learning about *nix (which I didn't want to
do) I was able to figure out that it was running out of memory. Then I ended
up paying the guy to tell me that 96M isn't enough, but he wasn't sure how
much was since he never ran it in less than a 256MB box.

Of course, there was no documentation on the site as to the minimum
requirements, which I should have taken as a signal not to mess with it.
Typical *nix.

At least this site has a "sample" of the hardware to use: "PII 450, 386mb
RAM, 12gb HD, 48x CDROM drive, and an Intel Pro 10/100 network card" I have
a Celeron 550, 96MB RAM, 10GB HD, 4X CDROM drive and a generic NIC. I also
have just one X100P card (I'm just trying for a voice mail box). I guess I
should look for more RAM, but at least it has a better chance of loading if
I'm using the hard drive for the OS... <GRIN>

Notice that there is NO mention of "minimum hardware requirements" on any of
the asterisk sites? Must be a "if you have to ask..." sort of thing.

I'm trying to download asterisk at home as we speak... 35MB is quite a
chunk... And we will see where that gets us.

Thanks for the info.


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2005\03\07@174003 by Alex Harford

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On Mon, 7 Mar 2005 14:32:08 -0800, James Newtons Massmind
<> wrote:
> I'm trying to download asterisk at home as we speak... 35MB is quite a
> chunk... And we will see where that gets us.

One warning, apparently the bootable ISO starts the installation
(including repartitioning and formatting) automatically.  I'm not sure
if it's true, but if so, be careful!


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