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'[OT] Composite Video on SVGA Computer Monitors'
1999\08\09@114353 by Barry King

> I already saw a device 8 years ago, IBM made, a small box (it was a TV
> tunner for sure), but they resync it programmable by the PS/2 keyboard.
The "PC TV" card.  I was told that the product took off because it
was (IS, I think) used by Wall street traders so that whatever else
they were doing, they could keep CNN, etc. in a window on screen and
trade in response to breaking news.  Whether that was (is) wise is
another question :)

In general these boxes are called scan converters.  It is much more
common to see a VGA to NTSC video scan converter, they are used to
display computer output on normal TV monitors or cable systems.

The NTSC to VGA converter is getting cheaper.  Most commercial
systems are part of a video editing package deal with software and
the video hardware on a card.

By the way, the color resolution on NTSC video is really poor.
That was the price for downward compatibility to black-and white.
They are unreadable, IMHO, for color text, at 80 x 25.  Thats the
reason for the old CGA's 40 x 25 mode.  40 x 25 is actually readable
on a color TV.

A related joke: "Do you know what NTSC stands for?"
"Never Twice the Same Color"

Barry King, KA1NLH
Engineering Manager
NRG Systems "Measuring the Wind's Energy"
Hinesburg, Vermont, USA

1999\08\09@120453 by Harrison Cooper

what was the original reason someone wanted to do this?  On the older
monitors, that went from CGA to VGA (15Kc to 30Kc) we often used them as
cheap NTSC when we drove RGB csync.  Composite video, has the sync info
riding with the video.  We did this as well, actually to drive field
sequential displays, but created our own 'composite video' by muxing into
the green video line the h/v syncs.  Many of the displays can and will do
sync on green.  But, you have to be able to control the syncs relative to
video to do this.

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