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'[OT] MLAs [w: OTP DS]'
1999\09\03@200954 by Bob Drzyzgula

Thin Quad Flat Pack (or sometimes Tape Quad Flat Pack),
which is thinner than PQFP (Plastic Quad Flat Pack) and
the ever-more-rare CQFP (Ceramic Quad Flat Pack).  I knew
of a couple of others (SQFP, for example), so I started
out looking for all that I could find -- here's what I
came up with, in lexicographic order...

CQFP (Ceramic Quad Flat Pack)
FQFP (Fine-pitch Quad Flat Pack)
GQFP (Guard-ring Quad Flat Pack)
HLQFP (TI, Thermally-enhanced Low-Profile Quad Flat Pack)
HTQFP (TI, Thermally-enhanced Thin Quad Flat Pack)
LQFP (Low-Profile Quad Flat Pack)
MC-QFP (Multilayer Ceramic Quad Flat Pack or Metalized Ceramic Quad Flat Pack)
MQFP (Metric Quad Flat Pack or Metal Quad Flat Pack)
PC-QFP (Printed Circuit-based Quad Flat Pack)
PQFP (Plastic Quad Flat Pack)
RQFP (Altera, Power Quad Flat Pack, go figure)
SQFP (Shrink Quad Flat Pack)
TPQFP (Test-pad Quad Flat Pack)
TQPF (Thin Quad Flat Pack or Tape Quad Flat Pack)
UTQFP (Ultra-thin Quad Flat Pack)
VQFP (Very-fine pitch Quad Flat Pack or Very-thin Quad Flat Pack)
VSQFP (Very Small Quad Flat Pack)

Wasn't that fun? Where two versions are given, I found
both referenced.


On Fri, Sep 03, 1999 at 04:00:57PM -0700, Anne Ogborn wrote:
> What's TQFP mean, incidentally???
> It's not a TLA, it has TML.
> --
> Anniepoo
> Need loco motors?

Bob Drzyzgula                             It's not a problem                until something bad happens

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