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'[OT] Protocol for the Nokia 6110 phone.'
1999\08\23@080752 by Wesley Moore (Yallara)

picon face
I would be interested in the same info relating to the 5110. Probably very


On Mon, 23 Aug 1999, Pretorius Johan * Spoornet wrote:

> Can anyone help me with the protocol for the Nokia 6110 phone. I want send
> SMS via the dataport on the phone from a pic.
> Cheers
> Johan

1999\08\23@193854 by rhay

On a slightly different note...
What about the protocol for programming information into the phone?
On my 6160, every time I turn it on, I just a "Welcome to AT&T" message.
Voicestream Wireless service gives about the same time of thing.  How would
someone take that message complete off, or maybe even
Change the message to something else.


{Original Message removed}

1999\08\28@070006 by Eric D. Ross

I'm not sure if this site has what you guys are looking for but it may be a
place to start.


{Original Message removed}

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