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'[OT] Second Chance. Light headedness and quantum p'
1999\09\24@220509 by Russell McMahon

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>milligrams?  If variations in speed changes energy associated to a mass,
>then what happens to the energy associated to a single atom in a
>rotational model that also has a vectored inertia, when this atom
>changes speed twice during each model rotation? Is this energy
>transferred from one model side to another back and forth?

If I follow what you are saying then I think you have discovered the "ultra
violet catastrophe" which lead to Einstein's Nobel Prize and indirectly to
the quantum theory which he so disliked. Radiation is quantised. Effectively
so are ALL other effects - when you become variably light-headed you do so
in quantum multiples :-) Having such a large head (relative to an atom) you
don't notice the small discrete steps. Without quantisation of energy the
energy emitted from a radiating body would be increasingly great with
increasing frequency and all your light headed electrons would rapidly run
out of steam (metaphorically) and spiral into their nuclei. An atom, having
a very small head, can't make the jump to the next level of energy etc that
one might expect as it "orbits" its nucleus ("Stand by for jump to Light
Speed, Luke" *) . It is only "allowed" discrete changes of state which are
in this case larger than permitted by the conditions. Not, of course, that
electrons, nuclei, orbits, orbiting or really even atoms exist as solid
things in the manner we think of them  :-) (Even if we CAN "see" them on an
electron microscope and move them around with an STM probe.) If there's a
REAL nuclear physicist here they may wish to put this more cogently. And
then, maybe not :-).


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* - Absolutely no relevance.
    Just seemed a good thing to include here :-)

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