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PICList Thread
'[OT] Starchaseer rocket photos'
2005\08\13@204645 by Russell McMahon

Some excellent photos of the Starchaser rocket.


This project started out as  a man with a lot of money and very little
practical  idea of what he was about giving the 'industry' a bad name.
However, over time he has learned well and what he is trying to do now
seems reasonably credible.

Each photo is available in a range of sizes - the largest are about
1.5 MB and give excellent detail.


From: "Phil P"
Subject: [AR] High resolution starchaser gallery.

> Found this starchase photogallery on pbase with some really high
> resolution 6 mega pixel shots .... They also seem to be asking for
> volunteers .... I guess to help with construction... but you never
> know human volunteers are probably cheaper than monkeys.

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