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'[OT} Active Filter design handbook.'
1999\12\03@192028 by Russell McMahon

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This is an advert of sorts but I don't pofit from it.

Read this if you are interested in being able to produce active filter
designs in under 5 minutes.

Years ago I purchased a book "Rapid Practical Designs of Active Filters".

It allows you to design all the standard hi/lo/band/all pass filters in 2 to
8 or so poles in Butterworth/Chebyshev/Bessel/Dogsbreakfast :-)
configurations in about 5 minutes using just a 4 function calculator , once
you have got the hang of the book. It also gives lots of useful comments on
why to use various designs. A brilliant book. My copy was stolen long ago.

Nowadays computer programs and integrated filter chipos and swutched
capacitor filters etc have to a fair extent redundified such books. They
still have their place. Using a 2 pole VCVS unity gain design you can design
a 2 or 3 pole low pass filter using a single transistor in emitrter follower
mode. Sure, if you know what you are doing you can do this from 1st
principals but this book shows you how easily and rapidly. 5 poles = 2
transistors etc.

I have just purchased a 2nd hand copy from USA via ABE books network. Very
happy with it.
I didn;t realise that a 2nd seller who I queried was holding a copy for me.
It costs $15US plus postage.
They are on Oregon.

If anyone is interested email me privately and I'll copy you their reply and
address etc.
If I get many replies I'll just reply to the first few.

I cant recommend ABE search site too highly for 2nd hand books.


1999\12\04@024752 by Tom Handley

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  Russ, that is a great book. There is another that I'll list below. I
bought them in the 70's and I still use them:

     Rapid Practical Designs of Active Filters
     By David E. Johnson and John L. Hilburn
     Wiley-Interscience / John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
     ISBN: 0-471-44304-2

     Manual of Active Filter Design
     By David E. Johnson and John L. Hilburn
     ISBN: 0-07-028759-7

  - Tom

At 12:58 PM 12/4/99 +1300, Russell McMahon wrote:
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Tom Handley
New Age Communications
Since '75 before "New Age" and no one around here is waiting for UFOs ;-)

1999\12\04@173408 by William K. Borsum

OK guys--
Here's my favorite:
Appnote from Burr Brown--don't remember the number, but includes software
for automated design and graphing of response for multiple pole active
filters.  Specify the filter type, Fc, number of poles, and it gives you
back the caps and resistors--been using it for years.

I believe Maxim has one also--based on the same algorithms.

Best is, both are free.

At 11:45 PM 12/3/99 -0800, you wrote:
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William K. Borsum, P.E. -- OEM Dataloggers and Instrumentation Systems
<> & <>San Diego, California, USA

1999\12\06@141458 by Dave Minkler

Yes, that has been very useful.  The Filter Pro program is available
from as is AB-034 (the relevant
application bulletin.


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