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'[PIC]: PorPic2 problems'
2000\08\13@034226 by lu01ts

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Hello picsters,

is here anyone on the list, who is using propic2 programmer-software ?

I just finished building the hardware, but now i have encountered some
problems withe the software. It's only the unregistered version, but I
think this won't be the problem.

1) After programming the pic an error I get an error message 'pic not
  equal at 3h'. Reading out and reprogramming the pic will give no
  error message, but the contents of 3h is 2900h instead of 3fff (as
  it was in my original hex-file).
  I've tried this with SQTP switched on and off ...

2) Blanking the device before programming will write the device, but
  address 0h is not written correctly.

3) Canceling the save-box with either 'esc' or the 'cancel'-button
  quits the program completely.

All in all I feel a bit disappointed about a software sold for
money ... have used pip02 - software which worked for free :-(.

So the final question would be if anyone knows if there's another
software working with the propic2 hardware.

Best regards,

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2000\08\13@155330 by Mike Gann

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Michael -

I built the propic2 hardware and used the software.
I too had problems at first - but they were caused by me
making mistakes in building the programmer.

Have you contacted Octavio?

Have you verified your hardware is 100% correct before
saying the software doesn't work?

What device are you trying to program?

Mike Gann wrote:
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2000\08\13@161447 by Dave Mumert

Hi Michael

I have used the ProPic2 and software for some time and found no problems.

The small problems I have with the previous version were very quickly fixed
by Octavio.

Dave Mumert

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