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PICList Thread
'[PIC] [OT] [EE] [AD] [ADMIN] Propper TAGGING'
2005\08\07@101059 by Mauricio Jancic

       Please don't send messages with multiple tags. When you write a
message you must define whether it is OT, EE, PIC or whatever, that's the
reason why people subscribe to each TAG.

       In my case, either Outlook or me are not very clever and I will
receive messages like this on both folders, and the I have to go and delete

       Well, actually it's not that annoying, but some people are not
subscribed to some tags, so let's just respect that.

       If you ever change the tag of a message just delete the old tag.


PS, If you feel compelled to reply me, you can do it to my personal email on or to the list, under the OT tag and REMOVE the other tags
from the subject line.

Mauricio Jancic
Janso Desarrollos - Microchip Consultants Program Member
(54) 11 - 4542 - 3519

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