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'[PIC] PICStart Plus upgrade'
2005\08\25@090924 by Russell McMahon

I have a Rev 4 PICStart Plus that I'd like to do the Flash mod for
(UK003010 module). $US29 Digikey and elsewhere.

The Microchip site says that "some" PICStarts Rev 4 and before have
the dreaded death problem with this module and some don't. Presumably
there's some known reason for this problem.

The Microchip site says that

they will replace for free any PICStart Plus Rev4 or before that has
problems with this module. As I'm out at the edge of the universe, is
there any easy way to tell in advance if I'll have the problem, or do
I just buy it, try it and then dance the appropriate dances to get it
to actually get replaced when it (invariably) turns out to be faulty?

Anyone with a Rev 4 or before PICStart Plus who didn't have problems
with this upgrade.

       Russell McMahon

2005\08\25@093115 by William Bross

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Hi Russel,
I upgraded my rev 4 unit right after the PUM was put on the market.  
Plugged it in, downloaded the firmware and started programming without
any problems.

I had also made the resistor value change Microchip recommended previous
to the PUM upgrade also.  Can't recall off the top of my head exactly
what that was for but I believe it had to do with the programming voltage.


Russell McMahon wrote:

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2005\08\25@110558 by Marcel Duchamp

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My PICStart Plus did have the problem but M'chip never told me what it
was.  So I cannot tell you what to look for.  When mine died, I glanced
over at it and saw the power led slowly fade out.  On opening it and
probing with fingers (x10 mode) I found the picofuse getting very hot.

My only tip-off that it was probably a well known problem was the
knowledge the phone support person showed and the rapidity with which
they replaced it.  They asked me 2 questions then took down my address
and sent a replacement board out by Fedex overnight.  I sent my old one
back in a pre-paid shipping container they sent also.

So if your's dies, they will probably fix you right up unless... ymmv.

Russell McMahon wrote:
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