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'[PIC] Promate III experience'
2005\08\22@023800 by Chen Xiao Fan

I just get the Promate III from our testing department.
It is lying in there for quite some time so I exchange
our Promate II (+ 2xICSP adapter + some other adapters)
with them for this Promate III. :)

I noticed that the first download of OS and device Database
is quite long. Other than that, the setup is quite easy.
I only need to call up our system administrator to input
the admin password and the process is quite smooth.

Can somebody share experience with this Promate III,
especially with regard to ICSP? Are there any program
support it under Linux as well? I think the answer is no
but I am just not so sure.


2005\08\22@045527 by Chen Xiao Fan

Oh my God, switching off the Promate III will automatic reset
my PC as well. That is really "Good" experience. :( Luckily
our testing department has not used it for the production
IAT (in array testing) and ICSP. I need to sort out this.

Any similar experience?
PC: Pentium III 1G, USB 1.1 (Intel 815), Windows XP SP1
Promate III firmware: from MPLAB Version 7.1


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2005\08\22@080603 by olin piclist

face picon face
Chen Xiao Fan wrote:
> Can somebody share experience with this Promate III,
> especially with regard to ICSP?

Gee, I wouldn't know.  At over 3 times the price of my ProProg
(, I don't find much use for a PM3.  It
does however support all PICs whereas the ProProg supported PIC list is
still catching up.

Embed Inc, embedded system specialists in Littleton Massachusetts
(978) 742-9014,

2005\08\23@000754 by Chen Xiao Fan

Okay I can not repeat the reset. I guess it is my Dell PC problem.
It is quite nice programmer but it is not cheap. :) Anyway
our ICE2000 is more expensive and lying there for about 3 years
already (do not want to invest on the processor modules any
more and ICD2 is quite capable anyway).


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2005\08\23@011431 by Chen Xiao Fan

I did recommend your ProProg to my manager last year. However
it is too bad that ProProg does not support our target chip
like 16C621A/622A and we already had the Promate II+ICSP.
Anyway, the policy is now to go for off-line programming. So
there is no more ICSP stuff to worry about now. The off-line
programmer (IO-DATA gang programmer) is very expensive and
the cost of every single adapter is about the same as a ProProg.
Still the production team like it much more than ICSP.

The other problem is that normally medium or large companies
have quite rigid purchasing policy. For example, does EMBEDINC
have ISO9000 qualification? A lot of the companies will require


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