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PICList Thread
'[PIC] dsPIC programmer Links'
2005\08\27@092520 by Chen Xiao Fan

The following links are collected from Internet. So far I have
only used ICD2 and Promate 3.

Hopefully this will be of some use to those who are interested
in dsPIC.

For the software side, Microchip provides free assembler. Microchip has also made C30 (GCC based with close source optimizer)
60 days demo available. Hitech and IAR provide 30 day demo
for their dsPIC C compiler as well. MikroElektronika provides dsPIC Pascal Compiler demo (6kb limited edition). All of the
compilers should work under Linux with Wine as well.
Linux C30 RPM or DEB binary packages can be downloaded from (uChip Forum post)


1) Microchip MPLAB ICD2 (US$159)
(Closed source and closed API)
So far seems to be the best choice if not counting the
ICD2 clones.

2) WinPic800 (supports quite some programmers)
and GTP Usb Lite (Closed source) (Spanish) (uChip Forum post)

3) USB-Programmer ¡°Amadeus¡±for PIC and AVR Microcontrollers
(Closed source)

4) mikroElektronika dsPICprog US$89
(Closed source)

5) Winpicp/dspicprg for JDM and other programmers
(open source) Linux dsPIC

6) Warp 13
(Closed source)

7) CCSinfo MachX US$199
(Closed source)

8) MELABS EPIC Plus Programmer with Accessories - $99.95
(Closed source)

9) Olin's Proporg (EmbedInc) US$295
(Frimware: closed source. Hostsoftware: open source, open API)

10) Lots of professional programmers not listed here-->
expensive, not for hobbyists
Microchip PM3(US$895) and others.
11) lots of ICD2 clones: serial only, usb only and serial/usb.
They can be built or bought at as low as US$20 (serial only) to US$100 depending on the quality and quantity.

This one looks nice (Sorry only Chinese)
USB/serial with power supply, USB and serial cable,now with
free QL1201 universal programming module.
But the shipment may not be cheap. Inside China, they say
this one is quite good. (RMB680+RMB25 shipment<US$90)
I believe the price can be as low as US$70 in higher quantity
not including the shipment.

12) please adds to the link

Potential dsPIC programmers
1) Wisp628 (need to update firmware and PC host software)
2) EasyProg from Olin's EmbedInc (needs to update firmware only)
3) PICkit2 (need to update firmware and PC host software)
4) kitsrus K128/K149/K150/182/...
5) Any JDM/Tait/PonyProg with proper software (Winpic800 or
updated IC-PROG) and extra power supply and RS232 level

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