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'[TECH] Now that is how I want to get to work ...'
2008\07\30@100916 by Apptech

>> Just needs to fly a bit higher ...
> Alan, you might not have noticed I posted a lot about that
> under [TECH]
> Seeing as you've already opened it with [EE]

I've been biting my tongue, as it were, on this for some
days, but ...

I do hate to participate in tall poppy lopping with a fellow
NZer in the news, but, it's not obvious how this is new,
innovative or especially liable to do any better than the
numerous other attempts that it follows - some decades old.

There was a recent (few years) effort that looked very very
similar in concept but with larger rotors and a better
appearance. AFAIR one of the people on this list or perhaps
ARocket were on the development team and, they recounted,
were largely not listened to as the project self destructed.

Here we are - Solotrek.
LOOKS fantastic. WAS Fantastic - too much so.

Springtail and XFV


ALLEGEDLY still alive ... ? as at 2007

   More pictures

The current Martin 'Jetpack' is short on stability at
present. Even a 6 foot high to and fro unassisted demo would
have been far far far more impressive. John Carmack's 'lunar
lander' beats it to a pulp at present.


Here are only a few of the past efforts.
Some extremely successful in their niche.

The soldier in/on the HZ-1 deserves several medals for

The Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee looks somewhat safer to fall off, if
not to fly.
The Piasecki VZ-8 Air Geep looks awesome and was a
successful demonstrator.

The Williams Wasp ***WAS*** a manned JET powered flying
platform with impressive performance.

There were numerous other attempts of variable successs.

1 man strap on helicopter
The man who made its engine - and much else.
Search page for Hoppi - or read it all !!!

Many photos


Hiller Rotorcycle
Specs but no photo here


NASA 1970
Simulator therefore

Sleep time ...


2008\07\30@114339 by Matthew Rhys-Roberts

On an experimental aircraft related note, does anyone recall a HUGE
single-bladed monocopter made by (AFAIK) the US military? I saw this in
a rotorcraft book in my youth, and once for a few seconds on TV. The
rotor went around at about 1cps. I think there was a great big
counterweight opposing the one blade/wing in order to keep it as stable
as they could. The aircraft didn't do much, apart from provide lots of
design and test information. I would love to dig up some more info on this.


2008\07\30@183950 by Mark Huffstutter

picon face
     I think You are recalling the Hughes XH-17 experimental
Very Heavy Lift helicopter. I have some video of it somewhere....




On Wed, 30 Jul 2008 16:39:36 +0100, Matthew Rhys-Roberts wrote
{Quote hidden}

> --

2008\07\31@072856 by Matthew Rhys-Roberts

I remember this, however it's not the thing I was thinking of... What I
remember seeing in book and film was a very large single rotor blade,
counterbalanced on the opposite side of the rotor shaft. I don't think
it ever flew, it just provided a lot of test data.

If anyone knows the make & model of such a thing I'd be grateful.


Mark Huffstutter wrote:
{Quote hidden}

2008\07\31@085812 by Apptech

>I remember this, however it's not the thing I was thinking
>of... What I
> remember seeing in book and film was a very large single
> rotor blade,
> counterbalanced on the opposite side of the rotor shaft. I
> don't think
> it ever flew, it just provided a lot of test data.

I'm going to have to start sending invoices, or stop reading
this stuff .... !!!! :-)

Gargoylegargoylegarglegarglegarglegagglegigglegoggle ....

Yee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

It's a "Schraubenflieger"

But, then, so is this ...

More properly the single winger is "Schraubenflieger Papin
und Rouilly"


<Brain hurt mode on>

   " There are now more recently, two French, Papin and
Rouilly, in a very strange idea has come. Sie verwenden
ebenfalls eine großflügelige Hubschraube, aber sie verlegen
die Antriebskraft an deren Umfang statt in die Achse. They
also use a großflügelige Hubschraube, but they embarrassed
the driving force in their scope instead of the axis. das
erscheint recht sonderbar, ist aber tatsächlich dadurch zu
erreichen, daß sie den Flügel hohl bauen und einen Luftstrom
hindurchtreiben, den sie außen, wie bei dem bekannten
Segnerschen Wasserrad, nach rückwärts ableiten. this seems
quite odd, but in fact it is thus to ensure that the hollow
wing and build an air stream hindurchtreiben, it outside, as
in the famous Segnerschen water, to derive backward. Der
Rückdruck des austretenden Strahls treibt die flügel an. The
back pressure of the exiting beam pushes the flügel. Um den
Luftstrom zu erhalten, ist ein kräftiger Ventilator
eingebaut, der vom Flugzeugmotor angetrieben wird. In order
to maintain air flow, is a strong fan built by the aircraft
engine. Imdrehpunkt sitzt in Kugellagern eine Art Topf mit
einem Schwimmer; das ist der Führerraum. Imdrehpunkt sits in
a kind of ball bearings pot with a float, which is the
driver. damit dieser teil nicht von dem umlaufenden Flügel,
in dem er sitzt, mitgenommen wird, erhält er ein
röhrenförmiges Steuer, durch das ein Luftstom von solcher
Stärke getrieben wird, daß der Führersitz stillsteht und der
Flügel sich um ihn herumdreht. so that no part of the
pivoting wing, in which he sits, too, he will receive a tax
röhrenförmiges through which Luftstom of such strength takes
place, that the driver's seat and stopped the wings to him
Ursprünglich hatten die Erfinder wie bei einem gewöhnlichen
Propeller zwei einander gegenüberliegende Flügel vorgesehen.
Initially, the inventor as a normal propeller two opposite
wing. Jetzt haben sie aber ein ganz eigentümliches Flugzeug
mit nur einem Flügel gebaut (siehe Abbildung) . Now, they
have but a very strange plane with only one wing built (see
illustration). Fast scheint es unmöglich, daß dieser Apparat
überhaupt fliegen könnte, da doch der Luftstützpunkt auf der
einen und das Hauptgewicht auf der anderen Seite liegt. It
seems almost impossible that this apparatus could ever fly,
but since the air base on the one hand and the emphasis on
the other side. Und doch zeigt eine schöpfung der Natur, daß
dieses Problem zu lösen ist. And it shows a creation of
nature that this problem be solved. Denn es gibt ein
geflügeltes Samenkorn, dasjenige der Sykomore, das ebenfalls
nur einen Flügel besitz und doch schnell herumwirbelnd in
stetigem ruhigen Fluge, vom Winde über weite Strecken
fortgetragen, sich zur Erde senkt. Because there is a winged
seed, that the Sykomore, which is also only a wing and
possession but quickly herumwirbelnd steady in quiet flights
by winds over long distances fortgetragen, lowers to the

Wie ist es wohl möglich, daß dieses Gebilde im Gleichgewicht
bleibt? How is it indeed possible that this structure
remains in balance? Nun, des Rätsels Lösung liegt in der
Zentrifugalkraft. Now, the puzzle solution lies in the
centrifugal force. Sehen wir uns einmal unser Flugzeug
genauer an, das diesem Samen nachgebildet ist. Let us even
closer look at our aircraft, that the seeds emulated. Auf
der einen Seite des Drehpunktes liegt der leichte Flügel,
auf der anderen in kürzerer Entfernung der schwere Motor. On
one side of the rotation point is the light wing, on the
other in a shorter distance between the heavy engine. Wenn
das Flugzeug auf dem Sitzschwimmer ruht, sind beide Lasten
ausgeglichen. If the plane on the seat rests swimmers, both
offset the expense. Läuft nun das ganze System rasch um, so
ziehen die Zentrifugalkräfte beider Massen so stark nach
außen, daß das Ganze etwa wie zwischen enorm starken
Gummibändern eingespannt schwebt. Runs now the whole system
quickly so the centrifugal pull of both masses as much to
the outside, that the whole thing about how to distinguish
between enormously strong elastic bands fixed floats. Wenn
dies der Fall wäre, so könnte man vergeblich versuchen, das
Flugzeug zum Kippen zu bringen; so wirkt also die
Zentrifugalkraft ähnlich wie beim Kreisel auch hier
stabilisierend. If this were the case, could be vain attempt
to tilt the plane to bring, so therefore the centrifugal
effect similar to the roundabout also stabilizing. Wenn
einmal der Motor versagt, so muß der Luftdruck das Flugzeug,
ähnlich wie bei dem Samen, in Drehung halten. Once the
engine failed, so the air pressure must be the aircraft,
similar to the seeds, in rotation. Ob aber der Übergang aus
dem einen Zustand in den anderen so glatt gelingen wird,
erscheint doch recht zweifelhaft. Whether but the transition
from one state to the other as smooth succeed, it will put
quite doubtful. "

</ ...>

2008\07\31@090908 by Apptech

> More properly the single winger is "Schraubenflieger Papin
> und Rouilly"

Flying model (!)

"Flight" tests of original ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

'[TECH] Now that is how I want to get to work ...'
2008\08\01@072855 by Matthew Rhys-Roberts
This looks absolutely bonkers and I love it.

My French isn't that brilliant... How the heck is such a thing
controlled? At all?!?


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