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'[ot] SOIC to DIP adapters - how to make'
1999\08\21@005904 by D. F. Welch

picon face
At 10:54 PM 8/20/99 -0400, you wrote:
>While what Scott suggests is a good idea, I think that
>this is the place where Wagner's suggestion comes in.
>As he points out, there are very many people on this list
>who are quite capable of designing SMT-to-DIP adapters of
>just about any sort. ...

FWIW, I threw together a SOIC to dip adapter out of the junk box today.

  I found a board mount 50 mil female header socket
and extracted the pins which were of a tuning fork design.

I cut about 1/2 of one side of each tuning fork and then
carefully cut away the material one side of the connector for a distance of
about .200 inches.

This left the pin retainer area intact and left
a "|_|_|_|_|" pattern along one edge.

I then re-inserted the connectors so the remaining part of
the tuning fork contacts rested at the bottom of the "U".

I made two of these modified connectors and super glued
them to a piece of perf board with the open side
of the "U" facing up.  The two connectors faced each other and the space
between accommodated the width of the
SOIC IC body.

>From the side the connectors
look something like this when mounted:

"-----__    __-----"
"-------    -------"

I then wired the pins to a DIP header which I super glued to the bottom of
the perf board.

This is as far as I went because I needed a SOIC socket
to program some PIC SOIC parts.  It would be a simple
matter to fashion a clip with a small piece of foam
rubber to keep pressure on the chip.  In my case I just used finger
pressure but the socket worked great.

I hope others can make sense out of this description,
if not I'll have to try posting a few real sketches.

Dan Welch

1999\08\21@112254 by Bob Drzyzgula

On Fri, Aug 20, 1999 at 10:54:50PM -0400, Bob Drzyzgula wrote:
> I'd be happy to collect those
> into an anonymous ftp directory if more than one or two
> people say they'll contribute, and I might even write
> up an actual web page with http links to those files... ;-)

OK, so I've put together a lame little web page to collect
this stuff together. Surf to:

I've just started to dig for additional stuff on the web
related to such adapters, and I've already found at least
two sources that I didn't know existed before this.
I also know that there's been a bunch of ideas tossed
out in PICLIST over the past couple of eons, and I'll
spend some time on the archive site trying to find some
of those; if anyone has saved some good ones, I'd
appreciate it if you could send me a copy.

I'll be happy to add in any information, designs, techniques,
links, files, offers, etc. within that topic area. If you
have a design that's not up on the web somewhere, I'll
be happy to host it on my site.

This isn't essential, but if you *do* send something in
for this, I'd appreciate it if you address it to; that way I can sort it out automagically;
I get *sooo* much email I could miss it otherwise. I've
set the Reply-to on this message to make it easier.


Bob Drzyzgula                             It's not a problem                until something bad happens

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