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PICList Thread
'All: List settings was [OT] where to buy STA013 o'
2000\08\16@145917 by Mike Werner

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M. Adam Davis wrote:
> Cassiano, you may not be aware of this, the list server does NOT send you your
> own messages by default.

That setting was changed quite some time ago.  All who subscribed after that
change was made do receive their own postings.  Those who were already
subscribed when this change was made did not have their options changed.

So, once again: any new subscribers will have the REPRO option set
automatically.  Any "old-timers" that are still not getting their own posts
and wish to change their settings so that they do, send a message to:

The subject line can be left blank, as it gets ignored by the server.  In
the body of the message, put the line:

set piclist repro

Make sure that your email client is set to send plain ASCII text - I am
really not sure what the server would do with an HTML message.  If your
email client adds a signature block, delete the signature block.  When you
send this message, send it from the same address that you are subscribed
with or it won't work.  If it still doesn't work, let me or one of the other
admins know, and we'll try and figure out why it's not working.
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                     | everything is of great understanding,
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Morgantown WV         | beginning of all unwisdom.

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