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'Bridge Measurement Circuits - info sought'
1999\09\27@220253 by Russell McMahon

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I'm attempting to measure LCR (particularly L & C) in electrically complex
eg inductors with open magnetic paths, various cable stubs etc.
Commercial meters / bridges exist to do the hard work for you.
I'd like to avoid making Messrs HP or Wayne-Kerr richer if possible.

Has anyone got links for the various traditional bridge circuits for
measuring these.

I dimly recall a very capable version (Marconi?) which allowed determination
of all parameters for either L or C.
Diagonally opposing legs were AFAIR R in series with L in one leg and R in
parallel with C in the other plus  pure R's in the other 2 legs. Basic
calculations fail to produce useful balance conditions for this combination
so I have probably missed a key point.

Anyone got any useful information.

(Perhaps an auto balance version utilising a PIC could be built :-))

Russell McMahon

What can one unbalanced person do?
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