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'C Compiler final message'
1998\03\02@081812 by Rajko Cebavs

Hello !

You can get C compiler which I was offering to all of you
on WEB site (see below) of my friend.
It is easier for me to deliver it that way.

Richard Skinner

Rajko Cebavs
Ljubno 111
4244 Podnart
phone  0038664731568
E-mail :

1998\03\02@091456 by Mark Lezama

I can go to this page, always I get an error

Rajko Cebavs escribis:

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1998\03\02@135543 by Morgan Olsson

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At 10:09 1998-03-02 -0400, Mark Lezama wrote:
>I can go to this page, always I get an error

Tried another browser?
Works for me, using Opera 3.10

But where can I find a .arj decompressing utility?


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/  Morgan Olsson, MORGANS REGLERTEKNIK, SE-277 35 KIVIK, Sweden \
\, ph: +46 (0)414 70741; fax +46 (0)414 70331    /

1998\03\02@221109 by richard skinner

The C Compiler was removed from the Web Site today.  It seems I was mistaken
when I said it was a Public Beta Wide Version.  It turned out to be an Old
Beta that
had been tampered with.  Please destroy any copies you may have downloaded
my site.  There is a new, much better copy available from Hi-Tech's Web Site

Sorry, I will check things out better in the future before I put them up for
Richard Skinner

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