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'COM terminal program for half duplex RS485'
1999\10\25@074355 by ruben


I need a terminal program for use with half duplex
RS485 on a PC. RS232 from the PC goes to a RS232/485
converter and the DTR or RTS signal should control
the direction. As soon as the terminal program has
anything to send (or if possible when it has something
to send AND the RS485 buss is free) it should assert it
with DTR or RTS, send its data and release the bus again.

This will only be for debugging purposes; send a command
via the keyboard or a macro to my RS485 node and watch
the result on the screen. All communication is standard
readable ASCII.

Does there exist any terminal program that can do this?

Ruben Jvnsson
AB Liros Elektronik
Box 9124, 200 39 Malmv, Sweden
TEL INT +4640142078
FAX INT +4640947388

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