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PICList Thread
'Comparing Apples with Apples'
1999\08\23@004943 by Tjaart van der Walt


I've been thinking (uh-oh) this weekend, and came up with
an idea that might be usefull, or at least interesting.

Us nerds are constantly pushed to squeeze more functionality
for less money out of smaller chips at lower power levels.

There are magic silicon parts out there, but we tend to miss
them, because they are not 'mainstream' (read : marketed).
Now, how about I (any offers for help?) write a Java script
that can collect information from users (anonymously), and
then post a list of processors, functionality, prices for a
particular volume etc. I've written small scripts, but
nothing like this.It's success will largely depend on the
participation of the visitors.

We'd be able to compare on a per-functionality basis, different
micros, their dev tools, avaliability, price etc.

This script will have to run on someone else's web page.

Friendly Regards

Tjaart's views are his only, and do not, in any way, imply
that his employers share his views. Tjaart is using his
right to free speech on a personal level, and does not
want to create the (false) impression that this could be
construed as coming from his employer, or anyone else in
the organisation.

1999\08\23@114300 by Adam Davis

It seems to me that the list would not be update frequently enough to contain
useable info, unless someone was <i>Really</i> motivated...


Tjaart van der Walt wrote:
{Quote hidden}

1999\08\23@234440 by Tjaart van der Walt

Adam Davis wrote:
> It seems to me that the list would not be update frequently enough to contain
> useable info, unless someone was <i>Really</i> motivated...

I think you are right. I was thinking that a Javascript could
automate it, but it will probably get a lot of hits from
'browsers', but few contributors.

Friendly Regards           /"\
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1999\08\24@102413 by eplus1

Getting hits is easy. Getting participation always means that you must
provide a service in return. How about:
1. Cross-referencing each entry with others to see if the chips used per
product, purchase prices, sources, etc... in the current entry were
  A) the best know price (for the products taking into account volume,
geography, etc...)
  B) combined into another single chip etc.. (e.g. don't use 4 8 bit
buffers when there is a single 1284 buffer chip available)
  C) not used by anybody else (indicating that a better way of doing it is
  D) caused problems for anybody else

I think this type of thing could require a lot of ongoing work.

2. Searching the (many) different online suppliers for the best price and
availability for the chips used in the product. This would require ongoing
work each time the user interface to a suppliers search engine changed.

3. Sending out RFQ's for fab of the product to a list of houses. This would
only require maintenance of the fab house email addresses.

Just trying to toss out some ideas.

James Newton, webmaster <>
1-619-652-0593 phoneÊ

{Original Message removed}

1999\08\24@114922 by Harold Hallikainen

picon face
       I recall hearing something recently about some software that
allows users to add comments to existing web pages (don't recall the name
of it, but it was reviewed on NPR a while back).  Anyway, perhaps it
could be used with something like the chip directory, IC master, or
manufacturer web sites to add stuff about chips.
       I really like the way handles stuff like this.  You
could have something like:

       1.  I used the chip and would like to write a review.
       2.  I designed the chip and would like to write a review.
       3.  I manufactured the chip and would like to write a review.
       4.  People who bought this chip also bought these chips.


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Hallikainen & Friends, Inc.
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